Projects by Christopher Night

Hail and well met, worthy traveler! My name is Christopher and here are my projects:

ObbA strategy and puzzle game where you grow a quickly-mutating organism
Mortimer the LepidopteristA game where you try to become the world\'s greatest butterfly collector
The Streets of NoirA text adventure puzzle game
Zoetrope ReelsAnimations of people for zoetrope reels
CrossroadsA dizzying, changing maze of twisty, little passages
Ship ChaseA game of starship tag that runs in your browser window, for 2-4 players
Sprouting SpathiphyllumTime-lapse animation of a peace lily after being watered
2006 IOCCC EntryMy winning entry in the 2006 International Obfuscated C Code Contest
Snakes on a PlaneSnake-related logic puzzle
Dot MatrixA connect-the-dots puzzle