The Last Adventurer: Tips


There's a lot of info I didn't have time to work into in-game instructions, so read this if you feel like there's something you don't understand.

Basically you control a band of five adventurers, and after each quest, your party gets one smaller. The last quest is a solo quest.



There are five quests in the game. The first two are training, and the last three end in boss battles.

Quest for the Lost Spells
Uncover the ancient forgotten spellbooks. After completing this quest, the four remaining members of your party will be able to cast spells with the space bar. Make sure you collect as much XP as possible (grey dots) in order to buy upgrades after your quest.
Quest for the Crystal Key
To unlock the Cavern of Ryor, you must destroy a crystal standing outside it. The crystal only takes magical damage, so use your new spells to destroy it. Select one adventurer, and then point to the crystal and press Space Bar. Watch your MP meter, which you can fill by collecting yellow dots.
The Cavern of Ryor
I don't even know. Some cavern I guess? Maybe there's ghosts at the end?
Zoltar's Lair
Zoltar is a gelatinous cube that eats warriors in a village.
The Last Adventure
The ghosts of Ryor are back with some new tricks.

Character stats

After you've collected XP in a quest, you can use it to upgrade your party members in five areas: HP, MP, strength, speed, and range. I recommend upgrading heavily on strength and MP. Strength controls both the strength of your regular attack and your magical attack.

As a tip, the adventurer that gets removed after each quest is whichever one has had the most amount of XP spent on upgrades, so you're encouraged to upgrade your party evenly. The amount of XP spent on each character can be found in the lower-right corner of their upgrade box.


There are three different magical spells. They're meant to be balanced but I probably didn't do a very good job. Each character is only able to cast a single spell.

Story (which doesn't appear in the game)

I figured a lot of games in this challenge would be about the positive or negative aspects of solitude, so I wanted to avoid one side or the other of that, so I wound up just leaving the story out. I avoided the emotional side of being alone and instead focused on how it affected the game mechanics. I thought of a story to explain why all the adventurers keep leaving, but it was really depressing and I couldn't think of a way to make it better.

In the story, when there are only two adventurers left, and one of them decides to leave, they reveal that all the adventurers are really just children on a playground acting out a fantasy, and they leave when they outgrow it. The scene with the two of this is really poignant. The one who leaves goes, "I'm sorry, my mom told me I'm too old to play make-believe with you anymore. She also said that your mom would have said the same thing if she were still here."

It's probably best I didn't try to make that work.

About the Game

This game was made from scratch in 48 hours for the 22nd Ludum Dare. The sound effects were made with a3sfxr and the music was generated by Autotracker-C by Ben "GreaseMonkey" Russel.

The theme was "Alone". I thought about how you always start out RPGs alone and build up a party until the end of the game where you face the final foe together, and I thought, what if it went the other way?

Now, I didn't have time to make a whole RPG, so this is just an action game with some RPG elements.

The game is made completely with HTML5+Javascript using the canvas element and the GameJS library. It should work on all modern browsers (I think even Internet Explorer 10?) but I haven't tested it on anything but Firefox 8 yet.